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Christmas in Malaga, Andalusia
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Christmas in Malaga, Andalusia

Date Added: November 30, 2010 07:24:51 PM
Author: Malaga
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In Andalucia, we can find Malaga, with approximately 530,000 inhabitants the southern Spanish city is also much more manageable than the big cities. Hustle is not known here and you have enough time to contemplate all the monuments without hurry.

In addition to the above-mentioned port, the imposing cathedral of Malaga is worth a visit; some consider it even the most beautiful church in southern Spain.

Of course, in the birthplace of a famous painter should not miss an adequate museum. The Picasso Museum is located in the Palace Palacio de Bella Vista. Overall, the exhibition shows a very good insight into the private life of the artist. A little further from the museum is situated the birthplace of Picasso in the Plaza de la Merced No. 15.

What would a Spanish coastal town be without at least a wonderful vantage point? From the Arab fortress Gibralfaro you have a fantastic view of the mediterranean coast and the city.

At Christmas, the streets and squares in Malaga are transforming into a big, bright sea of lights. Millions of lights, lamps and bulbs will be installed to produce in the city a special flair.

At the Paseo de Parque is set up under palm trees a Christmas market with stalls from different countries. At the Plaza de la Constitucion a large stage is set up, where are taking place free classical and typical concerts of the province.

Compared to Northern and Central European Christmas, in Andalusia there are some differences.

St. Nicholas' feast day, widely celebrated in Europe, on December 6th, is unknown in Malaga.

On the large plazas of the city are drawn up also huge Christmas tree designs, yet fir trees in Málaga are mainly found in the shops; privately, hardly anyone has a tree at home. But in almost every shop window, and in many homes can be found cribs with nativity scenes.

Nor does Santa Claus play an important role in southern Spain. This is mainly due to the fact that the role as a bringer of gifts is taken here by the Three Kings. For in Málaga is celebrated "Christmas and the Feast of the Three Kings” and the gifts are not given on December 24th, but on January 6th.

In the late afternoon of January 5th arrive the Three Kings at the port of Malaga. After a child as a representative of all children has read its Christmas letter, starts a big parade to the City Hall. This parade is very similar to carnival, because millions of sweets are thrown into the crowd, with children collecting them eagerly. Finally is celebrated a big party with music and shows.

The parade of the three Kings is held in all larger communities of Andalusia.

With the day of the Three Kings on January 6th end the Christmas celebrations in Malaga, which are definitely worth a visit!

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